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A Mother’s Journey has been shared with thousand of students. Our audience consists of Driver Ed programs, Junior and High school students, nursing students and a Victim Forum class that is attended by adults associated with DUI recovery.

What Important Message will you receive from A Mother’s Journey presentation?

-Any type of impaired driving is dangerous

-How your life can change in a second

-Witness the pain, suffering and hardships of loosing a father through her children and her eyes

-Good choices and Decisions will save your life or someone else

-Be thankful for:

-Your loved ones

-Independence to walk, talk, eat or to simply put two feet on the ground

-Physically challenged people are just like you and I, they just want to be loved and accepted by all


-Life is 10% of what is given us, and 90% of what we make of it

-Kyle is totally UNSTOPPABLE, even through all his hardships

-Never give up on your own personal journey

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