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A Mother’s Journey Through Faith, Hope, and Courage book has been implanted in Driver’s Ed Programs, High School’s, and Nursing Curriculum’s.

Their journey is bringing awareness to people of all ages. It’s a heart wrenching, inspirational true story that is making everyone realize this could be them or their loved one. After reading their story many are thankful for their own life, and appreciate what they have. It makes you realize how fast a life can change in a quick second. Good choices and decisions will save lives!!!


Gail Schenbaum, Co-Founder & President, In One Instant School Safe Driving Program, Los Angeles
The incredibly powerful and inspirational “A Mother’s Journey” by Lisa Brodeur impacted me on so many levels. It’s emotionally honest and brave storytelling, and inspires us here at In One Instant to strive even harder to show teens that the choices we all make every day really DO make a difference in the lives of others. We will recommend this book to every parent, teacher and administrator who takes part in our program. It will undoubtedly move them to make choices against their own distracted and impaired driving and to work with their children to do the same. “A Mother’s Journey” is deeply touching and will save lives.


Ashley Gustafson, Wellness Coordinator, Department Coordinator PE/Health/FCS, Shepherd Hill Regional High School, Dudley, MA 01571
“A Mother’s Journey has been implemented into the Grade 10 Health curriculum at Shepherd Hill Regional High School. This book is a vital tool that helps students relate to the fact that the decisions they make either positive or negative influences the lives of others. The Brodeur family has taken a tragic situation and turned it into one of the most powerful awareness programs I have ever seen. A Mothers Journey has given students insight regarding life altering situations thus contributing to providing them with the courage and determination to make good choices in the future.”


Timothy Cooney, Central Mass Safety Council, 186 West Boylston Street, West Boylston, MA 01583
“A Mother’s Journey Through Faith, Hope and Courage chronicles an amazing story of tragedy and hardship. Lisa Brodeur and her family have gone through a living hell only to endure and become remarkable contributors to our society. The book is a “must read” for everyone and should be included in the Massachusetts secondary curriculum as well as the Commonwealth’s judicial system. Lisa is driven to prevent future tragic stories through education and help those individuals who have become part of the criminal justice system”.

Want to educate your students, and bring awareness to Impaired driving?